Sunday, May 19, 2024

Beer Tasting: 10Barrel Pray For Pow Winter Stout

Welcome to beer tasting, a column where we taste and review beers that show up at Blower HQ. Full disclosure: We’re doing this because getting free beer is awesome, so if you’re a alcohol marketer looking for an opportunity to show off your latest brew, send us an email to

A wintery beer on a crispy autumn day.


7% ABV
60 IBU

For our first official Blower beer tasting, it’s only approriate that we would choose a winter-themed brew, and 10 Barrel’s Pray for Pow fits that bill. Not only that, a portion of the proceeds to this stout go to Protect Our Winters, ya know, a good cause!

I personally like stouts because they are a meal in a can, yet surprisingly low calorie. The hardest choice I had to make with this one was to drink it for breakfast or dinner. As a mature adult, I settled on happy hour and cracked it open mid afternoon.

If you had a ski frat house, you could totally hang this packaging on the wall and call it art.

According to the packaging, which features team rider (they call her a rider but let’s be honest, she’s on skis) Caite Zeliff, “This storm-inspired recipe hits you with dark chocolate, coffee, citrus and berry notes to make some deep turns on your palate — the perfect winter warmer after a day waist-deep in pow.”

Since high temps have been the norm in Vermont this fall, there was no need for warmth, but I did find a hearty brew with a unique flavor, the coffee notes being most prevalent. As an admitted hop detester, I must say the after taste was a bit strong for my delicate palate. However, if you’re a bearded tough guy who scoffs at light beer, you’ll likely find Pray for Pow to be highly desirable.

The beer, like so many others, comes in six packs, so after my initial tasting I proceeded to responsibly consume it, one at a time, for the next 5 days in a row. My final review: It’s good! If you like stouts with flavor, definitely give this one a try.

Tyra wanted to try it too, but settled for rolling around on the railing next to the beer during our photoshoot.