Saturday, October 16, 2021

Benny Urban X Games Real Snow 2018- Interview and Video

2018 marks Benny Urban’s first appearance in Real Snow, but its about damn time. With a last name like Urban, he was literally born for the role. The best known German boarder of now, Benny’s freewheeling attitude and easy-to-pronounce name has made him one to watch globally and so that’s what you should do!

Rider – Benny Urban    /    Filmer – Alex Pfeffer

What shot/trick are you most stoked on?

Benny: I personally like the nose press backside 180 out to cab 360 off the roof. It was a spot we’ve been eyeing up for a while and we drove by it every day during our first trip to Quebec. The Problem was that it was on top of an ice hockey stadium and the security starts working at 9 am, so we had to go the night before to set it up. We came the next morning at 6:30 and got the shot by 7:45.

Alex: I liked the backside boardslide to frontside boardslide on the ledge to ledge. It was one of the few spots where the sun showed up and it wasn’t that cold, it was also a good-looking spot to film.

What shot/trick was the biggest challenge?

Benny: The last shot in the Real Snow part, the 50-50 on the dragon rail in Japan. When we first went to check the spot, there was no snow at all. I couldn’t believe it! We found a spot that was insane and then there is no snow. Haha! I checked the forecast every day but unfortunately the only chance for snow was after we’re supposed to fly home from Japan. So, I decided to change my flight and stay with local rider Reo Takahashi and his filmer to try and get it. Alex flew home to start editing. We lucked out, it snowed enough to hit it, but it was definitely harder to get than I thought. On try 48 or something I finally got to the end! We sent the shot over to Alex two days before the deadline.

Alex: We had some challenges that unfortunately didn’t work out. I would say that is the biggest challenge was to walk away from something you spent a lot of time on, without getting a trick.

Where did you film your part?

Benny: It was all filmed in Canada and Japan.

How long did it take?

Alex: 50 days of traveling, filming, and editing.

If you’ve competed in Real Snow before, how did this year go compared to the past? If not, how did the reality compare to your expectations?

Benny: I have never competed in Real Snow before, so I was expecting it to be pretty gnarly and stressful. And I tell you what, it was! In the end it was a challenge, but I’m really thankful for it because it gave us the opportunity to create something we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. I’m grateful I got to do it!

Alex: More stress, more organizing, more paperwork than I thought.

Any surprises or good stories to tell?

Benny: Thanks to Alex Pfeffer and Dominik Wagner for going through all the madness with me and everyone that helped us out along the way!

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