Monday, June 24, 2024

Blackstrap hooks up heroic Park Crews with super exclusive goods

Digging, shaving, shaping, heavy equipment, and—geometry, yes, geometry. A winter resort’s park crew is in it for the love of it. Long hours. Cold conditions. 12 to 15 dollars an hour. Making the jumps. Doing the math that keeps people safe. Out there, day after day, grinding, and loving it. Ultimately, they provide us with an imaginative playground for those that ride park, as well as those that just want to ‘hit some jumps’ on whatever holiday weekend is designated as their ski or board vacation.

BlackStrap has a soft spot in their collective hearts for these crews. Jim Sanco, BlackStrap’s brand manager, was on a crew for a bunch of years; but he’s not the only staffer to put in time on the hill. He still smiles anytime we ask him about it. “For those that don’t know what a Park Crew is, I’ll tell you,” said Sanco. “The Park Crew at your local mountain resort is the heart and soul of freeride progression in snow sports. They are the unsung heroes—snow shaping fairies, if you will—that provide you with smooth take-offs, innovative jibs, and most importantly, a safe way to progress into all levels of freestyle terrain. These teams are at the core of the snowsports community—right in there with lift ops and ski patrol—they ski, they snowboard, they are guys and gals, young and old, industry vets and young up and comers testing the waters of “living the life”. At BlackStrap, we cannot think of a better bunch to stoke out and look to as real world product testers.”

Blackstrap supports 50+ Terrain Park Crews across North America that make up the BlackStrap Park Crew Project. They outfit more than 650 Park Crew members each year with Facegear, Headwear and accessories that they use, day in, day out and ultimately put their stamp of approval on. Each Crew gets to pick which facemasks they want to use so it is specific to the climate their resort resides. BlackStrap uses their feedback on fit, performance and style to shape and refine a number of flagship BlackStrap products including the Team Hood.

Each Park Crew on the Project receives a kit for members of their Park Crew that includes: An inline Facemask, a Full custom facemask, exclusive Parks project beanie & Goggle Cover. Blackstrap work directly with each park to help support park specific events, activations and the teams that make them, shape them and put smiles on all of our faces.

“Park Crew at Woodward Killington works long shifts in all types of weather conditions, from October through May. Blackstrap has allowed us to brave the elements and keep us warm and protected with knit beanies and a variety of neck tubes, balaclavas, and team hoods. Over the helmet, under the helmet, there are so many ways to adjust for the perfect fit, regardless of your head shape or size. The special edition team hoods are a Crew favorite, as they offer Woodward Killington logo prints not available in retail shops. It makes everyone feel like they are part of a bigger industry club and keeps them looking fresh. It’s so awesome to see a company supporting terrain park programs all over the country, and I am grateful to be a part of the Blackstrap family.” – Taylor Zink // Woodward Killington, VT // Terrain Park Supervisor