Sunday, May 19, 2024

Blower Issue #1 is almost gone!

People keep asking me, what is Blower? What’s your goal with Blower? Why are you doing Blower? So lemme give ya the short version: I don’t have a good answer and I don’t have a plan. What I do have is the undeniable urge to create random media projects and hype up my friends. So, when I managed to come down with a case of the Omicron over the holidays, I took advantage of my free time and put together a little ‘zine about my first 35 days on snow.

As I just crossed the 60-day snowboarding threshold on Jan. 23, issue two is currently in the works. But you can still get one of the few remaining copies of Issue 1. How? By ordering one through the store! (Sorry, but you missed the free distro events at Darkside and the Pico Demo last week and I didn’t make very many copies…)

By clicking through and sending me a few of your hard-earned dollars, you’ll receive this glossy rag in your mailbox either on its own, or in a mega pack with a lighter leash and lil homie sticker. I never got around to selling ads, so truly I appreciate you actually buying one and not sending me a DM with your address asking for one for free. (Oh, and ignore the blatant date mistake on the cover, or take a sharpie and fix it, please.)

Issue 2 is in the works now, so if you’re interested in advertising your own money-making (or losing) scheme to future Blower ‘zine owners and anyone who visits their coffee tables or bookshelves, hit me up!

If you don’t have any money, don’t like killing trees or don’t want to support the USPS, you can also enjoy an irregular, impersonal email from me by subscribing here.

I hope you enjoy it and I thank you for your support! – Brooke


p.s. It has also come to my attention that the younger generation may not be familiar with the concept of a zine, so buying one is a great way to learn that zine=mini magazine. For those gen z heads who would prefer to invest in the “next big thing” rather than ride the wave of nostalgia, we do have NFT’s, here.