Monday, June 24, 2024

Cyber Monday: Blower T’s and NFT’s now available!

We’re celebrating this beautiful and snowy Cyber Monday in Vermont the same way we have been all weekend — with a deal on fresly-printed Blower T-shirts. While getting a white logo on a black shirt might not seem like rocket science, these did not come easy! First, we tried to use print on demand, however, the cost per shirt was high, and the promised “ease of use” was just not real. Then, after a minor hiccup with our chosen local printer, we we’re saved from complete ruin by friend we made through instagram last season (and after two solid days shredding together, things have officially moved from para-social to IRL friends.) Anyway, the shirts are also real and you can get yours (adult sizes S-2XL) in our shop while they last. Every order will be hand-packed with love and FREE STICKERS!


If you don’t have a torso or just own way too many T-shirts, we understand. That’s why we’re also offering our first-ever, freshly-minted and eco-friendly NFT. For the old-timers and technophobes, these Blockchain-based artworks may be confusing, so here’s a quick how-to on owning yours:

  1. Download and install Brave or another Web3 browser.
  2. Get some Tezo “tez”. This is where our NFT is minted, it is a “proof of stake” network.
  3. You’ll need a wallet, we recommend Kukai, which is both app and Web3 based.
  4. Fund your wallet – you can transfer funds from your regular bank, or another crypto wallet, such as Coinbase.
  5. Visit — an NFT marketplace and search for Blower or ID# 559909 and/or #563196
  6. Buy it! 

All NFT sales will fund the first-ever BVM (That’s Blower Video Magazine) — a brainchild of Jason Bayne. Want to see it happen? You just have to figure out how Web3 works… being an early adopter has ALWAYS had it’s perks.

Lil Homie stickers!

Of course, if you prefer tangible assetts, we also have sticker packs and lighter leashes, including limited @lilhomie802 stickers seen above, never to be made again (the alien helmet has been retired, kids!)