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Dumbass Death Race 1-4


Above, notorious speedsmen Dan Barker and Harrison Gray face off in the final qualifying race of the Dumbass Death Race, an event we can truly get behind, courtesy of the brains(?) at Dumbass Magazine.

This Whistler instant-classic series is brought to you by Whis local Chase Harley. As you’d expect, it’s pretty much perfect, much like the environment it’s bred in.

According to our number one Canadian source @kody69:

“[Chase] does the Dumbass Magazine and films/edits those race videos himself. He’s a really good writer and covers interesting things, but it’s usually a joke in the grand scheme, which is sick. Anyway, what you see is pretty much exactly what’s going on with those deathrace videos.. Not too much behind the scene action. Chase gets his buddies to race down a part of the mountain, first one to crack the beer at the finish line wins. Chase also got local comedic legend Kyle K to announce them and that’s really the icing on the cake.”

If you want a copy of the mag, “Look out for one appearing on a weed crusted coffee table at a boarder flop house near you.”

Below: the rest of the race ICYMI.

Scot Brown vs Layne Treeter

Dumbass Death Race is presented by nobody. Nobody got paid. Enjoy.


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