Saturday, October 16, 2021

Frank Bourgeois X Games Real Snow

Frank Bougeious grew up in a small town known well among the snowboard world for being home to “the perfect rail.” While they say location is everything  in regards to real estate, in snowboarding is just the first step. Frank coupled that opportunisitc childhood with a focus and talent to consistently film some gnarly fucking boarding. He won both fan favorite and overall gold in X Games real snow last year, and now he’s hoping to defend his title.

What shot/trick are you most stoked on?

Frank: I seriously don’t know, I’ll go with the first shot I got this year, noseblunt on the wooden beam ( rainbow ) thanks Sebi for the spot Leak!
William: The ender, fs board on the biggest closout to concrete!!!

What shot/trick was the biggest challenge?

Frank: The closeout rail for sure… I was so scared about this spot, I did 3 x 5050 to understand the speed and impact ( cause first impact is concrete ) and then went back up there and stomped first try the fs board.

William: Bs wall ride to fs2 lip to switch bs lip to fakie

Where did you film your part?

Frank: I spend almost a month in Austria with Ethan Morgan, Ulrik, Halldor, Sebi and Diggles then went back in Quebec with brothers factory guys, Snow was good!

William: Quebec and Austria

How long did it take?

Frank: We had 2 months to complete the edit. The part that make it a little more stressful is that my filmers in Quebec have a week job so only time we can film is during the week ends.

William: 2 months

If you’ve competed in Real Snow before, how did this year go compared to the past? If not, how did the reality compare to your expectations?

Frank: Different spots and ideas, pretty stoked on the final edit.

William: It goes fucking good, really stoked on it!

Any surprises or good stories to tell?

Frank: I’ll keep them for me!

William: Zero kick out on 22 setups

Real Snow 2017

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