Saturday, October 16, 2021

Gimbal God | The Bomb Hole Episode 51

Spencer Whiting AKA Gimbal God talks about following the riders off of huge jumps, being a human drone, an 11 day stay at the mental hospital, dealing with bipolar disorder, making his film shots look like a video game, paving your own lane, being more open about mental health and so much more. Spenny started out like most guest on this show, he was just a young kid who wanted to become a pro snowboarder. After spending time taking turns filming each other he started to realize that some of his friends were much better at riding then him and he might be smarter to continue filming. He was really good at doing follow cams and maybe this was something he could pursue. He started hitting the jumps with the riders showing viewers a fully new perspective. This new technique earned him the nick name Gimbal God. He decided he was going to make a go at filming but after an incident at the Denver Airport he found himself stuck at the mental hospital on what turned out to be an 11 day hold. He had just learned he was Bipolar and this would be a whole new challenge for him to conquer. Against the Odds Gimbal got a handle on this situation and dove head first into being the best filmer he could be. He started releasing edits that were unlike everything people have seen and the rest is history. We got a chance to sit down with Gimbal God and hear his story first hand on this weeks episode of The Bomb Hole!

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00:00:00 | Intro
00:01:19 | Jet Ski Incident | Early Days
00:14:37 | Trouble In Boulder | Mental Heath Check | High’s And Lows
00:22:52 | Talking About Mental Health | Labels | Interning at Snowboarder Mag
00:35:16 | Adjusting To Being Told your Bi Polar | Keep A Good Circle Around You | Snowboarding Is the Answer | Bails
00:45:16 | Some Gimbal Highlights | Linking Up With Stale | Stale Life
01:05:54 | Keep Your Circle Tight | Gimbal’s Got The Front Row Seat | Getting The Name Gimbal God
01:14:07 | Ikon Season Pass
01:15:45 | Name That Video Part
01:19:17 | Follow Cam’s Off The Big Jumps | Evolution Of Gimbal God | Gimbal Techniques
01:35:07 | Ten Barrel Pub Beer Favorite Clip Filmed
01:36:09 | Hot Takes | Patreon Questions | Clip High | The Effect Of Follow Cams
01:49:10 | Gimbal’s Childhood Hobbies | Huge Pet Snake | Lobster Diving
02:00:14 | Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza
02:01:41 | | Gimbal Jesus |

Thank You’s Show Notes-
Mental Health Assessment |
Criteria For An Involuntary Hold |
Manic Depression |
How To Get Help For Mental Health |
Mayhem And Shred Bots |
Bipolar Disorder |
Audi Nines Bail |
Welcome Gimbal God |
Stale Life |
Focus Gimbal God |
Gimbal God Interview |
Gimbal God Website |

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