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Goonfest 2021 brings good vibes and good people together in Stratton, Vermont

Above: Eastwood Block‘s video recap

Andrew Parsons is a brave man. While Lucas and Tonya Magoon did the planning, promotion and heavy lifting for Goonfest 2021, Parsons is the one who said, fuck it, let’s have a giant, open-to-the-public party at my house! So, on July 17-18, 2021, the sold-out “Goonfest” had a perfect home.

Twilight at Goonfest

Before I get too ahead of myself, here’s a little background for those who haven’t been paying attention: 32-year-old Lucas Magoon (that’s Gooner for the ease of typing) began his snowboarding career in the Green Mountains, where he was just a little punk that happened to possess more natural talent than everyone else. Groomed and trained by the community at Killington, Lucas went on to international acclaim, and won just about every snowboard rail jam in the mid 2000s. But, after a series of injuries and upheaval in the snowboard industry well beyond his control, Lucas found himself sponsor-less and looking for anyway to stay involved in the world he loved so much.

The ‘Goons in the Goongear booth. Photo: Brooke Geery

In what is a real love story for pre-apocalypse-age, Gooner’s wife Tonya shared his dream. Living the RV life in California, surviving on good vibes, hard work and creativity, the couple founded Goongear, a snowboard, clothing and lifestyle brand which has grown almost as quickly as their 3.5-year-old daughter Winter. They have since relocated to Upstate New York, where the family has been able to put down roots and really concentrate on creating something great.

Guess this means Goonfest lives at Andrew’s house now!

Goongear is much more than a cash-grab T-shirt brand. Because community has always been important to them (even before a pandemic made us all forget what having friends was like), the Magoons started throwing events. They kicked off with small meet-ups at Big Snow AD as soon as was allowed by law and on the way back from one such meet-up, Parsons agreed to let them throw the biggest party yet at his Stratton-adjacent house.

The camp zone.

Vendors and friends began gathering on Friday, July 16, prepping the yard and mini ramp for the impending threat of rain (yes, it rained) and sharing stories and hugs after so many months apart. Tickets to the festival were sold out more than two weeks in advance and Tonya estimated 170-200 people came through the event over the official two days, July 17-18.

 “We were keeping it to a minimum! A lot more wanted to come, but we wanted to have somewhat control,” she laughed. “And we did!”

Thank you Winhall police for your understanding and parking services!

Though the Winhall town police did show up around 10 p.m., it was only to ask people to move their cars. The music and skating continued late into the night with performances by Super Stash Bros, D French, Daveyboy413, Yvng Ohm, Sean Gon, and Cotton Pony.

“I passed out early [on Saturday] but around 4 a.m. I woke up to them speaker full blast on the stage having freestyle battles.. no idea how the cops didn’t care,” Tonya laughed.

Feelin’ the vibes with @Yvng_OHM on the mic

All weekend long, grills were firing, vendors offered tasty treats, and Lucas was in and out of the house heating up Wild Mike’s frozen pizzas for anyone that was hungry. People of all ages pitched tents and hunkered down for the long haul, and no matter what your pleasure, there was no shortage of friends to be found, old and new.

Lucas and Tonya did a great job creating a legitimate and welcoming party by bringing the community together,” Maggie Leon said. “Everyone was on the same page and the stoke levels were through the roof! I’ve haven’t seen so many people so happy before.”

Maggie Leon battles it out with the extension. It was a fight she eventually won (see video proof below) photo: Brooke Geery

O.G. Okemo ‘boarder Lane Knaack and his wife and daughter came over from New Hampshire for the festivities.

“Everyone was there just to see friends, skate, eat hot dogs, listen to tunes, and just try to escape the last year and a half,” he said. “That was a complete success. Pulling in and seeing Winter Magoon running around with Grandma Jeanie chasing after her, hearing the wheels on the mini ramp and the session going off and good tunes in the air just brought you back to a different time in life.

Gooner can skate! photo: Brooke Geery

“For Lucas to get all of these people from all over the place back together is a testament of his following and how he as affected snowboarding through his career. Jason Bayne, Ricky Jennings and Jeff Harvey were all there. And last but not least, Lucas, Tonya and Winter Magoon, along with their vintage Scotty pull behind camper and goongear popup store, were all over the place.

“[The Magoons] are some of the most loving and caring families and what they did for our small community this past weekend, bringing people together, outside, in a safe environment, was much needed for us all. I look forward to Goonstock 2022 already!”

Below: The best trick contest and a few clips from the sound stage. 

And now: Bonus photos!

Name this skater! No seriously, does anyone know?

Front 50-50 to something probably cooler.

Goonfest provided lots of places to stay dry!

Don’t believe the hype about VT- real women were in attendance at Goonfest and more than one of them! (pictured: @barbie_boltzz @jade_ball3r and @jademoney)

Green hat rips!

Someone is excited to watch daddy skate (hint: it’s the Mocha the dog)

Spectators, spectating.

Second angle, better timing, still trying to identify.

BONUS EDIT! by Jason Bayne


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