Sunday, May 19, 2024

GoonJam Tour – Stop 2 – Seven Springs, Pennsylvania

Lucas Magoon and his crew always put together a good time on the slopes, and stop two of the GoonGear tour at Seven Springs on January 23, 2022 was no exception! We lapped endless runs through Seven Springs’ Santa’s beard terrain park on a snowy Sunday. The tow rope at Seven Springs made lapping the park more convenient and fun, and they had some super cool features up at the park.

I saw many familiar faces including: Lucas Magoon, Eastwoodblock, Mark Gama, Vermontlocs (Justin & Emily) and Michael Throckmorton. People were landing some crazy tricks, it was a blast to watch!

Eastwood made sure to get all the clips (as seen in the video above) and keep the positive vibes going throughout the beautiful day. Conditions were exceptional because it had snowed 5+ inches the night before.

After a long day of ripping  we headed over to Always Board Shop for food and awards. There we enjoyed hotdogs, chips, Liquid Death and a whole source of good vibes! After eating, shopping Goongear, Vermontlocs, and Always Boardshop merch and socializing about the event, awards were given out.

The top three for men were: Vinnie Moro in first, Cam Ulery in second and Mark Peterman in third. Top three for women were: Sophia Bruckmaster in first, Hayley Almes in second and Britney Balog in third place.

After the awards and prizes were handed out people continued celebrating, eating, and shopping. I was handed lots of rad Goongear and Vermontlocs stickers! As the night wound down, people went their different ways and the sun set on a great day at Seven Springs with Lucas and the GoonGear squad! It was an amazing event and I can’t wait to do it again!

-Austin Poulin