Sunday, May 19, 2024

Heat Molding at Home: Because Making Your Snowboard Boots Fit Matters

As a recent transplant from the East Coast to Seattle, I’m still doing everything possible to minimize my time spent driving in this cesspool of traffic. So when I got new snowboarding boots, the idea of waiting a half hour to go 3 miles after 9-5 at my desk, to spend an hour at a shop, then fight traffic again for another hour to go home was a bad idea. 

So like any good Seattlite, I ordered online and decided to give heat molding a try in the comforts of my home. With beer.

Like most people, my feet are slightly different sizes. I find this most noticeable in snowboard boots. I need a locked ankle but a floppy toe. The 2017/17 Vans Ferra fit the bill, but unfortunately, I ended up with a half-size too small on one foot. All the more reason to heat mold, so let’s get started. 

Van Ferra Ready to Mold

Step 1: The first thing I did was put the boots on how I’d normally wear them, for about 15 minutes. Locating all the pressure points.

Step 2 - Layer up

Step 2: I layered up socks the best I could to create extra toe space. The ideal thing to do is cut off the toe of an old liner. I did not have that luxury, so socks it was.

Step 3- Blow dryer

Step 3: Blowdryer! Focus on those pressure points you located earlier. I did the whole toe in both and the heel for length in the smaller boot. I maybe spent 5 ish (?) minutes doing this then put them on, added a lil more heat and then shoved them into the shell.

Heat molding step 4

Step 4: Crank the shit out of your laces. Suffocate your feet to the cusp of death. This will allow for maximum stretch. 

Heat modling Step 5: Cook Bacon

Step 5: Repeat with other foot. Then cook bacon. (Or just chill for about 20 ish minutes). 

Give your feet a break and then try them on with just one sock. If they still don’t feel right, repeat 2-5 until you get that feel.

Pro-tip: Start slow and know the ideal feel you’re aiming for. You can always add heat, but once you overdo it, there’s no going back.