Saturday, October 16, 2021

It’s Whistler Week on Yobeat!


There’s a reason Whistler, BC is the stuff of snowboard legend, one of Canada’s best known tourist destinations, has hosted Top Chef episodes, Olympic scandals and too much other stuff to even list. It’s not just gorgeous, but also packed with activities to please anyone year round. You want to board all day and then pile out all afternoon? Totally doable. You want to take some mountain bike laps followed by a cold Canadian beer in the village with your bros? Easy. Maybe you fancy hiking out to a lake with a sketchy rope swing and smoking weed? It’s tolerated! Basically if you are a human who likes anything at all in the world, you can find something you will love in this magical place just three hours North of the US Border.

(And, my fellow Americans, before you whine about how broke you are, it’s not even really that expensive with the strong American Dollar. Thanks Obama!)


‘da Crew. 

The only problem with this slice of paradise is it’s in Canada. A country, which though full of incredibly nice, creative, amazing people, is a real hassle to get in to. Especially when you’re stoner Americans who are going snowboarding in July. And it’s even harder when you try to bring any amount of weed (even if its roughly half a gram that you totally forgot you had) across the border. But that said, if we got into the country, you probably can to, so don’t let that sway you.

There are no shortage of vacation options at Whistler, but we opted for the best way to go – attending Camp of Champions. Campers stay right in the village at the Whistler Peak Lodge, get early access to the glacier each day, are provided all the lunch meats and coconut water you can shove in your face, and lots more. There are daily activities such as bungee jumping, skating, and swimming, which you can go to or skip, and most importantly, access to the best park and coaching on the Blackcomb glacier. And you’ll get the chance to rub elbows with current top and ex pros alike. The vibe at COC is relaxed, the staff is stoked, and even if you totally suck at riding the T-bar (which is extra gnarly this year due to the low snow), it is basically the best place ever.



The COC park is “on fleek” as they say.

We had a blast visiting our neighbors to the North, and this week we’ll be pulling the full court presses on all things Whistler! Stay tuned for extensive reports on Canadian stuff, including guides to riding the T-bar, an interview with COC Founder Ken Achenbach, soon-to-be-classic shows “In the Wild with Danyale Patterson” and “Dream Date with Darrah Reid” and maybe, just maybe,  even some actual snowboarding footage too. Get hyped, eh!


Y’all come back, now. 



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