Thursday, April 18, 2024

LilHomie x BIG SNOW: Harley’s first trip to Big Snow American Dream New Jersey

When Mommy showed me the videos of Big Snow in my birthstate of New Jersey, I knew I had to be there. How is there snow inside? In the summer? And they got a chairlift inside too? It’s like a whole mountain, but inside! Luckily, my mommy and daddy said we could go Memorial Day weekend, so we did.

Parking lot swagger!

I walked inside and it was really real! The mall had a whole mountain inside! Even though I was looking at it with my own eyes, I still couldn’t really believe I was about to snowboard. And why are all these people wearing normal clothes? Don’t they want to go snowboarding too? Phew, that was enough thinking, I just want to shred!
As soon as I got inside the mountain, my social media fans were all up in my biz! It was so cool to see them and hang out. All this time I thought I was only a big deal in Killington and inside the Instagram, but it turns out, I’m cool in Jersey, too! People kept showing me boards with my stickers on them, and I was like, “that’s me!”

Headed into the spot!

I couldn’t believe that some of my Darkside homies showed up too!
The first run was a little weird, but everyone — workers and fellow shredders — were so nice and stayed outta my way. By the second run, I had it down, and by the third run I was shredding!  On the 20th run, I was tired, so we decided to go home! It wasn’t too crowded, at least not for me, because everyone let me rip! The vibes were good, and all the people we’re so nice to the homie. That’s me!

This place is crazy!

Thanks Big Snow and thanks to everyone who supports and sponsors me: Dominator Wax, Shred Dog, Darkside and Blower! I can’t wait to go back tomorrow!
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