Thursday, April 18, 2024

Loon’s Last Call 2009


Two times the kicker action! Geery photo.

Attending three east coast events in a row this week made me realize something. I miss the east coast. This place is great. Sure, the snow SUCKS, as I was reminded while riding glare ice at Waterville Valley. And yeah, the mountains are small. But the people rule! YoBeat’s east coast contest tour wrapped up at Loon for Last Call, which like the two events prior featured all-out shredding mayhem and an announcer talking shit and telling people how mediocre their performances were.

I could never imagine the announcer at and event like Vegetate or the Pipe 2 Pipe saying over the mike “that was terrible, you pussy” after a rider dropped. Sensitive Westerners would balk and the person would be nixed from the mike almost immediately. But on the east coast, someone else just grabs the mike to reiterate or add another witty insult. And frankly, that’s what snowboarding needs. The east coast has it right.


Chelone Miller gets inverted. Geery photo.

Of the three events this week, Last Call was definitely the biggest. Like the Spring Loaded of yore, the entire east coast snowboard community gathered to shred their faces off on Loon’s perfect set up. I realized this might be sort of a big deal when registration was filled with people desperate to register. But whether you scored a yellow goggle tag or not, everyone was welcome to ride all day. And after two days of mid winter conditions, it was also finally spring.

Much like yesterday’s Back to the Boneyard, the event was broken up into three sessions, one on each obstacle. First was the kicker session, then the “Agro Crag,” a huge hip/box/gap conglomeration, and finally a rail/wallride session. When all was said and done, Shaun Murphy won $1200 for the guys, and Taylor Owen the same amount for women. Chelone Miller was awarded best trick for a massive backside rodeo over their entire Agro Crag.


Shaun Murphy, a total winner! Geery photo.

I am feeling a bit wiped out after so much epic-ness, so I will leave it at that and just post another batch of pictures. Enjoy.


  1. “Sensitive Westerners would balk”


    Im am so fortunate to have the east coast FILTH pumping thru my veins

  2. It’s EASTERN BOARDER’S last call. Tim Benasich did a head high lein air in the halfpipe. fucking sick. so sick.

  3. That dude Nelson kept it real all day. If your going to compete, you should not be shitty at snowboarding.

  4. yo beat dosen’t eat the real veal spread, come down to my town for a face full, blue mt,,pa. dirt, fat chicks, stale beer, and toothless folk, real eastcoast,. ride er down chumps

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