Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Lucas Magoon | The Bomb Hole Episode 49

Lucas talks winning $100,000+ in contests, a traumatic head injury and coma, having a near death experience, he teaches us how to play Cee-lo, talks Sasquatch sightings, the Rutland Strong arm, quitting alcohol, fatherhood, Goon Gear and so much more! Lucas Magoon is one of Snowboarding’s National Treasures who influenced an entire generation with his style, gear and attitude. At the top of his career he suffered a near death head injury being pulled by a car while skateboarding. The doctors induced a coma that lasted two and a half weeks giving him a 50-50 chance of survival and said he would most likely never snowboard again. It was a long recovery that had many up’s and down’s but there is no holding someone like Lucas back and he was on a board and filming well before anyone thought possible. He is now 5 years off of Alcohol running his brand Goon Gear with his wife Tonya raising their daughter Winter in the east coast. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Lucas and hearing the whole story on this weeks episode of The Bomb Hole! Special

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Lucas Linwood Magoon’s Instagram: @lucasillwoodmagoon  @goongear 


Chapters- 00:00:00 | Intro 00:00:59 | Utah Warrant Squashed Thanks To Dingo | Magoon Family Trip To Utah 00:12:35 | Vermont Roots | Magoon’s Childhood | Raised By The Skate Park | Got Milk | Haunted House 00:21:54 | How To Play Cee-lo | Snowboard School 00:41:44 | Getting Sponsored | Japan Trip During Fukushima Nuclear Disaster | Rail Jam King 01:01:02 | Major Head Injury | Near Death Experience | Long Road Of Healing The Brain | Chris Doner 01:18:03 | Ikon Season Pass 01:19:46 | Quitting Alcohol 01:25:20 | Name That Video Part 01:29:55 | Goon Gear | Tonya Runs Things | Building Fences | Hanging With Danny And Dingo 01:44:48 | Ten Barrel Pub Bear Break Out Moment 01:47:22 | Skate Parks And Snowboard Shop’s | Technine Day’s 02:00:41 | The Bronco | Camper Rallies | Bradshaw Guest Question’s | The Shiver 02:23:41 | Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza 02:25:10 | Gooner’s Set Up | Winter Magoon’s Guest Question 02:32:26 | Sasquatch Sightings |

Thank Yous & Show Notes- How to Play Cee-loOkemo Mountain School |  Fukushima Diichi Nuclear DisasterSkitching GBP RutlandChris Doner |  How To Stop Drinking | Depression And TBISubstance Abuse Help Line | Goon GearDanny And DingoLucas Magoon FamiliaMagoon Cold WorldMagoon Hard To EarnMagoon RutlandTin Can TouristsSasquatch Chronicle |  Thanks For Watching!!

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