Thursday, April 18, 2024

Mandatory Coverage: Last Call 11

Travis Nevehaus was actually awarded the best jumper prize, but here’s a picture of him on the rails instead.

Ahh, spring in New England. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining… if there was an emoticon for a record scratch I would insert it here. While yes, the name Last Call sort of insinuates the snowboard season is over, after the best snow year in recent record it’s far from it, and spring-like conditions were not on the menu for Eastern Boarder’s annual event. The good news is, it was cold enough to stay snow all day, not rain like had been predicated, so that’s something.

The East’s finest don’t give a shit about crappy weather, slow ass snow and no visibility though. Half of them didn’t even bother wearing goggles. At one point Big Mike Gonsalves hit the wall ride thing with his shirt off.

As my dad would say, “big air.”

As usual there were three sections: Jump, Rhythm section (which sort of lost its rhythm due to the quickly falling snow) and rail set. The course was actually pretty gnarly, even without a slush blizzard, but luckily, there were some gnarly dudes there. There was also an impromptu high ollie contest, sponsored by K2, who apparently makes skateboards now. It made total sense, don’t worry.

As we’ve learned watching Loonatics, dudes like Mike Rav, Johnny O’Connor and Tanner McCarty are real, real good. In the end though, Merrick Joyce had the best overall performance and took home $1500 for his efforts. There were also best trick awards for $200 a pop and all three girls who rode got money.

Mary Rand, now $200 richer.


$200- Best Trick
Jumps- Travis Nevenhaus
Rhythm Section- Tanner McCarty
Rails- Rob Hallowell

High Ollie- 38”
Rob Hallowell
Rile Nickerson

Best Trick
Johnny O’Connor Cab 270 FB- 180 BS Sameway 270

Most Entertaining
Big Mike

1- $800 Michaela Aaronson
2- $400 Jordan Parks
3- $200 Mary Rand

1- $1500 Merrick Joyce
2- $1000 Mike Ravelson
3- $500 Zack Normandin

And the gallery… apologies for the lack of names but Tommy J didn’t want to come back to my parent’s house to tell me who everyone was. I pretty much just knew Rav and Riley Nickerson, so whatever.

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  1. coverage is kind of weak. this is one of the more sick events of the year in my eyes and it looked pretty weak from the pictures.

  2. Johnny’s trick was on a double feature. There were two boxes side by side and he cab 270 onto those and then there was a rail after them in the middle and he 180 onto that off the boxes to a 2 7 out. It ’twas gnarly.

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