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Mandatory Coverage: The Bone Zone Banked Slalom


There’s a dude turning in there. Squint, you’ll see him

I wonder what the first Mt. Baker Banked Slalom was like. You know, before it became legendary and all that. Chances are it was a small and incredibly disorganized event. Some of the participants probably had the best time ever, and others were upset because it took too long to take their runs, or whatever gripe people can come up with at a contest. And of course, there was most likely tons of pow to be shredded between runs.

The first-ever Bone Zone Banked Slalom at Timberline was a lot like that. However, it had a few advantages over that inaugural event at Mt. Baker so many years ago. For one: better equipment. And also, the Banked Slalom formula is pretty much set at this point: duct tape on the bibs, provide food and goodies for the participants, and see who goes the fastest. They also had iPhones, serving as sophisticated timing system, which I’m willing to bet weren’t part of the LBS 1 (hell, they still barely work up there.)

Jimmy, preparing to get a slower time than some of the girls.

Apparently no one told Mother Nature spring has started, because the conditions were basically whiteout for the pro division’s runs. After a feeble attempt at taking photos, I soon opted to ride powder instead. It was awesome. So awesome that when it finally cleared up and the sun came out, my camera was already in the car and I decided to keep riding instead of getting some better photos. I did make it back after the event had wrapped up to take a run on the 2-minute long course. Verdict: it would have been really hard to ride with no visibility. I’m impressed pro winner Gabe Triplette actually made it down in 1:56. Let’s just say it took me longer than that.

Twenty-something years from now I’m sure the crew at Shred Northwest will look back at the event with the fondest of memories. They’ll laugh at the fact the weather didn’t cooperate. They’ll have a much better timing system worked out. And maybe, by then, they’ll even have added “legendary” to the name.

Visibility: approximately 5 feet.

John Laing, Ahmon Stamps and other cool dudes await their runs

The snow was good for lots of things

Cash money for the pros

Product toss for the fans!

Bone Zone Banked Slalom Official times

Mens Pro:
1 Gabe Triplette 156.42
2 Joel Fuquay 158.34
3 John Ragozzino 158.69
4 Allister Schultz 159.75
5 Aaron Sales 201.40
6 Corey Caswell 201.97
7 Ben Covolt 202.78
8 Ricky Hower 202.94
9 Kenny Strope 203.06
10 Ben Beavon 203.60
11 Rick Millet 204.07
12 Ahmon Stamps 204.66
13 Tyler Osland 205.19
14 Logan Fuquay 205.35
15 Clint Ghram 205.47
16 Trent Brashier 205.53
17 Josh Kaiser 205.94
18 Corey Noble 206.31
19 Rob Walsh 206.60
20 John Sischo 206.72
21 Joey Bruce 207.69
22 Andy Berginsperry 207.81
23 Scotty Body 207.93
24 Jesse “Wetrat” Johnson 208.63
25 John Laing 208.50
26 Will Dam 208.62
27 Brandon Clark 211.50
28 Ryan Gossett 212.18
29 Jim Wizvenzberger 214.12
30 Jovian Peters 217.15
31 Grant Miller 217.87
32 Josh Zawaskw 222.00
33 – 666The Beast 222.94
34 Ed Jewell 224.36
35 Chad McQuein 224.64
36 Nick Konine 227.66
37 Brad Trouter 235.87

Men AM
1 Alex Scagliotti 200.12
2 Nolan David 201.87
3 Jay Herger 203.53
4 Owen Brown 203.90
5 Jake Copeck 204.39
6 Keaton Rogers 206.78
7 Dustin Reed 206.90
8 Cameron Weeg 209.63
10 Mark Jasor 209.78
11 Cody Prickett 210.31
12 Alex Lovell 211.41
13 Chris Moore 212.78
14 Bryce Yamasaki 213.03
15 Kevin Swarner 214.20
16 Chris Light 215.28
17 Zach Johnson 221.33
18 Joe Newlander 253.44

1 Karma Vella 200.38
2 Sean Aiken 203.43
3 Andy Cross 212.19
4 Tim Snail 214.00
5 Ryan Estep 240.06

1 Enzo Plati 208.69
2 Scott Auviq 208.78
3 Tanner Salsman 208.81
4 Collin Whalen 210.31
5 Richard Williams 229.40

1 Marissa Krauiczak 211.62
2 Randa Shahin 211.75
3 Sally Butler 212.06
4 Mimi Charter 212.22
5 Nicole McNullty 213.00
6 Geneva Lyon 225.82
7 Marissa Newberry 229.15
8 Georgia Hall 240.22
9 Destiny Covinginton 257.87

1 Sean Fitzsimons 212.56

Token Ski
1 Ryan Chapman 204.47
2 Nick Stanton 204.62
3 Chad McKean 224.44


  1. Ladies,

    If enough girl pro competitors show up next year, there will be a cash purse for you too. Unfortunately not enough girls registered in the pro class this year. Bring out all your friends next year to put at least 10 qualified girls in the pro class, and we’ll bring a cash purse. Hope to see you there.

    John Ragozzino
    Shred NW Magazine

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