Sunday, May 19, 2024

Miles Away – Full Movie

Sometimes we all desire to be far away from our comfort zone. We think that we don’t need to be necessarily so far off to feel miles away from the daily life. We are used to travel in such fast rhythm that we almost forget to have a closer look at what is surrounding us. It’s possible to travel deeper, slower with an open mind. In the past two years we explored our home area/mountains deeper than before and we definitely found what we’ve been looking for. Good vibes, great snow conditions, beautiful landscapes, great adventures and having the sensation of living the moment and feeling far away.

A movie by Marc Grossgasteiger, Mario Kaeppeli, Daniél Niederkofler and friends.

Riders: Thomas Enk, Marc Grossgasteiger, Daniél Niederkofler, Jonathan Feichter, Mario Wagner, Grant Giller, Bernhard Kraxner, Roli Tschoder, Benny Mösl, Peter Bauer, Lukas Schäfer and Max Zebe.

Filmed By: Mario Käppeli, Jukka Pehkonen, Daniél Niederkofler, Marc Grossgasteiger, Jonathan Feichter, Lukas Schäfer, Daniel Tschurtschentaler, Thomas Stango, Ady Maddo, Clemens Bartl, Roli Tschoder, Bernhard Kraxner, Ali Huber, Lorenz Wenter and Hidde Hageman

Drone Mario Käppeli aka @the_brid_view


Black Market Karma – Heady Ideas Upside out Inside Down

Desmond Cheese – Happens Everyday

The Island Baba Sissoko – Doni Doni

Three Gees Ezra Furman – Good Book Sex Education Original Soundtrack

Roberto Musci – Claudia, Wilhelm R And Me

Tower of Silence

Locations Tirol | AUT Südtirol | IT Veneto | IT Vorarlberg | AUT Still Photography Patrick Steiner Felix Pirker Mario Käppeli Danièl Niederkofler Hidde Hageman

Edited by Marc Grossgasteiger

Graphics Danièl Niederkofler

Produced by MVP – Mountain Vison Production A no budget movie made with love