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Blower Media


Almost the most interesting snowboard media outlet ever built, with a deep library of content, social media accounts and more, ready for you to run with!

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Do you dream of being a snowboarding media mogul? Do you know you could transform the snowboard industry with your words, photos and videos but don’t know where to begin? Here’s your chance to pick up where we leave off with all the ground work already in place! Harness your inner Elon Musk and stage a not-so-hostile takeover of Blower Media for one low price.

Assets include:

  • Fully functioning and easy-to-update website featuring exclusive original content (plus several built but unused features you haven’t even thought of yet!)
  • Several URLs
  • Established Facebook Business page (Your ticket to nearly 40k eyeballs in the Metaverse)
  • Active Instagram account (Ready to explode with proper updating)
  • Huge (for snowboarding) Twitter following (9k and counting…)
  • A Tik Tok! (You can figure this one out)
  • A Youtube account with 10 years worth of videos.
  • A dope logo
  • A pending trademark (sue the scammers when they copy you!)
  • All available remaining merch (Stickers, T’s, Lighter Leashes and more, it can all be yours!)
  • Negotiable business and strategy counseling (We’re not just going to send you off without any help or advice. Tap into our knowledge and skill set to get you started.)

Buy it now, before snowboard season nears and we remember it’s fun again! Email for more info. 


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