Saturday, October 16, 2021

Remembering Tony Chuichiolo – 1973-2021

RIP Tony. Photo John Atkinson

East Coast snowboarding icon Tony Chuichiolo passed away unexpectedly on March 6, 2021. A lifelong Vermonter and long-time Sugarbush employee who dabbled in everything from marketing to park building to events, Tony built and fostered a scene like no other. He leaves behind three children of his own,


in addition to literally hundreds of adopted children who cut their teeth on the hill under his tutelage. To say Tony will be missed is the understatment of a lifetime, so here are some words from others who knew him well. Rest in peace, Tony. –Brooke Geery

Tony goes big. Photo: Ralph Kucharek
“There are people in this world that believe in you. They believe in whatever you’re doing and they are there for you as a friend, mentor, coach, or rock. That support always goes a long way regardless of the circumstance and those are the people that are most memorable and impactful to me.
Tony Chiuchiolo believed in myself and the Northern Vermont snowboarding community along with those beyond his passion. As a lifelong rider, Tony watered the roots of his home resort, Sugarbush. He had a vision for the future of our terrain parks landscape and showed up through Sugarbush Parks. He knew through hard work, supporting park staff & riders, and grinding against the grain that bigger things could transpire. Well, that’s exactly what happened and as he passed on the torch he continued to stay true to his roots, friends, family, and community. In my eyes, I’ve watched an entire community benefit from an enhanced park scene and his positive impact, that cannot be captured in words, blossom into a beautiful garden. When I look at the root of it all, Tony was the ultimate gardener.
A big Jameson cheers to everything you’ve done for us Tony. Thank you for the constant humor, all your inspiration, and connecting so many people together. Thank you for giving me a shot when I was 17 and trying to make it as a snowboarder. Thank you for being you. I hope you and Massie are on a new road together with only great times to follow. Thinking about everyone who knew Tony, his friends, family, @sugarbushparks, and how important it is to reach out to people like Tony in your life.” – Ralph Kucharek
Photo courtesy Seth Neary
“Tony was present. Tony was excited. Eyes large. Absorbing the culture. Tony was 14. Tony had a 26.5-inch stance and big pants. Tony was in his element.
Early days of snowboarding at Sugarbush, a small, committed group of like-minded teenagers exploring what was possible on a snowboard and making a massive change to the youth culture while doing it. Tony and his young Barre crew were in the mix every weekend in the early days. He was stoked! He was as much a part of the Sugarbush story as any of the original adopters; in fact, his story is bigger. His big smile and large eyes were a sign of his big heart and longevity in the culture he contributed to cultivating. His dedication and contribution to snowboarding and, more importantly, the Sugarbush community of snowboarders will not go unrecognized. He put Sugarbush on the national map, created a scene, and mentored the next generation of riders. Tony was funny; Tony was a redhead who would let you know what’s up if you needed to know. Tony kept it real! Tony was a good dude, and I will miss him.” — Seth Neary
Tony with 7-year-old Hazen.
“Friend, mentor, LEGEND,Tony Chiuchiolo. I would not be the person I am today without the lessons, memories and hilarious banter that seemed to resonate with everyone you came in contact with.Truly one of a kind. Thank you for everything” — Colin Darcy
Our community of skaterboarders and snowboarders will always ride/skate with a little piece of Tony C in their heart; like an ice cube in their drink! He was the first to pull together a crew and make them a “team”, Sheeple! I will miss you so very much. Your memory will live on as a blessing for all of us that had the pleasure to call you our friend. Love you Tony
— Hannah Deene Wood
Sugarbush. Courtesy Matt Jagemann
“So many great words, thoughts, memories for our friend Tony today. He will be greatly missed by all for whom he cared, influenced, motivated, coached, and inspired. Tony and I thought very much alike. Think that’s why we clicked so quickly as friends. He earned and will continue to earn my respect for many years to come. The snowboard community has lost a great one. My heart is broken but I know he will live on in my heart and my friends forever. Didn’t have any whiskey in the house tonight but the bourbon in my hand now is in your honor! Rest easy Tony. Thoughts and prayers for your family and your @sugarbushparks family tonight. RIP”
— Matt Jagemann
“Been a couple days. It is really hard to find words that can sum up over a decade of impact. Professionally the guy created a revolution, a community, a family. A lot of people are in a better place because of his insight, advice, and guidance. My whole life; literally where I live, what I do, who my friends are, is all based on the Parks family. I owe Tony more than I could ever repay.


Personally, Tony made everyone he talked to feel like the most important person in the world. Like he really cared, even if he had way more going on than you, he made you feel important. He made you feel loved and cared about, like you were part of something bigger than yourself. Community. I can only strive to take what I learned from him and carry it forward in his memory. To use the words of our dear friend Juice, “He loved us and we loved him.”
This is pretty tough right now, but we will make it through blasting metal and methods for Tony. So much love to you all”
–Travis Kerr

Funeral arrangements are being made by Hooker and Whitcomb Funeral Home in Barre. Visit for a memorial guest book when it becomes available.

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