Sunday, May 19, 2024


Rome SDS and Snowboy Productions joined forces to gather believers from around the globe for the first ever Sidehit Séance at Sugarbush Parks. Here is a glimpse into what went down over three days in Vermont.

Edited by Chris DeJohn

Filmed by Chris DeJohn, Devin Bernard, Blake Geis, Scott Stankiewicz, TJ Thran & Urris White.

Riders in order of appearance: Stale Sandbech, Hunter Knoll, Max Lyons, Connor Cavanagh, Seph Niquette, Connor Gross, Skyler Gallardo, Charlotte Flowers, TImmy Sullivan, Len Jorgensen, Jeff Hopkins, J DeForge, Eli Lamm, Ian Keay, Zebadiah Cousins-Joyce, Emma Schacht, Madison Blackley, Kayli Hendricks, Louie Arrigoni, Sean Dillion, Shaun Murphy, Kevin Raksnis, Mike Skiba, Laura Rogoski, Ozzy Henning, Drake Warner, Lucas Magoon, Nate Haust, Ivika Jurgenson & Casey Savage

Music: “Ghost Town” by The Specials “I Think of Demons” by Roky Erickson

Thanks to Rome Snowboards, Sugarbush Parks and Monster Energy for making this event possible!