Friday, August 19, 2022

Snowcats – All-lady snowboard Video

Everyone knows, women are taking over. As men fight their way to the middle with hyper-progression, the women have been slowly but surely getting not just good, but good enough to create movie magic. Add a Monster budget and put it in Jamie Anderson’s backyard, and you have the ultimate recipe for success. Here’s the official scoop:

Get comfy and put this one on the big screen. Monster Energy’s first all-female snowboarding video, ‘Snowcats,’ showcases some of the most creative freestyle snowboarders on the planet in a free-flowing expression session. On a special course at Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort in Twin Bridges, Cali, Jamie Anderson, Chloe Kim, Kokomo Murase, Annika Morgan, Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, and Jill Perkins throw down technical tricks and transfers. – the perfect recipe for a memorable snowboard video. This crew has had an epic 2020/21 season with Chloe Kim leaving her freshman year at Princeton and dominating every single Superpipe event she entered to Jill Perkins earning ‘Rider of the Year’ honors at the 2021 Slush Magazine Snowboard Awards.

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