Sunday, May 19, 2024

Tailgate Alaska: One Strange Trip

Snowboarding in Alaska.

It was 2019. Pre pandemic. Camped out in the Tailgate Alaska airstrip.

The only things we truly worried about while living in Thompson Pass that spring was enough days of high pressure so that we could keep pushing it further and further. We were going so deep that we started talking to Tok Air Service about fuel drops for our sleds.

The days, they blended together.

In the Pass you don’t go by time, you go by weather.

A full barrel of fuel, some American Spirits, these are worth their weight in gold.

Armed with only snowmobiles, with the exception of a heli day, we rode 7 glaciers.

The days, they blended together.

It’s a hard place to leave, Alaska.

That was one strange trip…

Jeff Sponzo
Colin Langlois
Mike Burton
Nial Romanek
…and friends

Produced by:
Dustin H James
Tailgate Alaska

Check out Tailgate Alaska and join our digital festival Tailgate Alaska the World taking place this April 5 – 15, 2021. We’re gonna talk about what it takes to ride lines like these.

The normal Tailgate Alaska returns March 25th – April 3rd, 2022. Tickets are on sale now. We plan to make it the best one yet and hope you’ll join us in Thompson Pass.
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