Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Arbor Snowboards :: Big Energy/Mike Liddle

It is with great pleasure Arbor Snowboards premieres a new cut of Mike Liddle’s snowboard sorcery from the most recent Impaler Mag’s feature Homie Improvement. With 5+ minutes and not a second spared for filler, stop scrolling IG, turn off your notifications, lock your door, and draw the blinds.

**This will require your undivided attention.

Video: Impaler Mag / Ben McCabe

Photos: Hunter Murphy, Brett Spurr, Jack Yelle, Danny Kiolbasa

FULL FILM: Homie Improvement – https://www.arborcollective.com/blogs/news/homie-improvement-ft-mike-liddle

Featuring: Arbor Draft
Arbor Relpase
Arbor Hemlock Bindings


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