Monday, June 24, 2024

Brooke Geery 20/21 – The Killington Trilogy

(Above) Part 1: Winter

Killington (also known as The Beast of the East, K-mart and Boston’s best bar) comes by its nicknames honestly. It’s a beast. Ride it for a whole season and you’ll come out a better, more confident snowboarder, and dare I say, Vermont strong? Well, that last one might take a few seasons to really accomplish. I got my first Killington pass in 1986, and now, in these wild P.ost C.ovid times, I’m happy to present my official three-part edit for your viewing pleasure. Why three parts? They don’t brag about the longest season in the world for nothing.

Part 2: Second and third winter, plus first spring!

Part 3: Real spring & first summer + Surpise LDOH!