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Eastern Boarder’s Last Call 2015 Photos and Recap

Last Call can be a sad thing. It’s your last chance to get a drink, and if you haven’t managed to strike the fancy of any pretty ladies/dudes yet that evening, your options are going to be fairly limited. But when you put the words Eastern Boarder in front of the phrase, it takes on a whole new meaning – basically the biggest and best event on the East Coast each year.

This year the weather cooperated – despite freezing mid winter conditions the day before – Monday March 16th was sunny and warmish, pretty much as good as it gets in March in New Hampshire. The day started on the jump, and if you’ve seen one Last Call jump session, you’ve seen them all. The most notable difference this year was a strong showing by the ladies, who rode in a train and even threw some tricks despite the firm, menacing knuckle of the jump staring right up at them.


Next it was down to the rail section, which is always the most exciting and unique session, and this year the Loon Park crew really outdid themselves with a variety of rails, jibs, death-defying gaps. Basically there was no shortage of options or places for photographers to risk life and limb getting the shot. The action started with $50 for the first person to boardslide the xylophone-esque pole jam “rail” – which only took out one participant before it was manhandled by this guy:



From there it was a free-for-all in which competitors pressed, slid, bonked, tweaked, miller-flipped and otherwise made it very difficult for the judges to decide who won. At one point, Spencer Schubert needed some attention so he dropped in on a surf board with bindings, and eventually a few buzzards started gapping the whole set up, which is always entertaining.

Time ran out, and a brief intermission was called for chili dogs before the final session on the wall ride/hip. The classic Loon wall was there, but the main attraction was the massive hip to skiers right, on which a large amount of airtime was logged. Brandon Reis was an early stand out, but his massive methods were soon backed up by the likes of Alex Andrews, Will Mayo, Tim Humphreys and more. Mike Ravelson did some sevens, proving he can do more than roll on the ground, and Scotty Lago was tossing massive rodeos, until one went awry and he fell rather dramatically. Don’t worry – he’s ok! The stand out of the day though, was Timmy Sullivan, who was tossing massive backflips before he decided to gap the entire monstrosity. He managed to do so and come out unscathed, earning him hero status for the day.



Wicked air time, guy! 

Overall, another excellent Last Call is in the books, but unlike most seasons, there’s still a shitton of snow back here, so get your ass out there and enjoy it for the poor souls on the West Coast who’s season is basically over. Thanks to EB, Loon and all the sponsors for putting on one wicked sweet event.

Overall Results


1. Zach Normandin
2. Rob Hallowell
3. Merrick Joyce


1. Danika Duffy
2. Nora Healy
3. Nirvana Ortanez

Section Winners

Jump – Rob Hallowell
Rails – Parker Szumowski
Hip – Timmy Sullivan

Honorable Mention – Timmy Sullivan for jumping over the whole damn hip/wall


  1. Hopefully someone makes a vine or some shit of TSullivan jumping over the wallride so it can just be watched on repeat so minds can can be continuously blown

  2. Brooke. Your fucking up. The men’s final results are wrong. Duuuuuhhhhh duuuuuuhhhhh duuuuhhhhh

  3. photos are like books and i want to see a fucking video!! at least of that fucking savage timmy..

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