Friday, August 19, 2022

Precious Memories: Fear of a Snowboarding Planet

From the desk of Brendan Barry:

Before FOASP came to fruition there was just this edit that we made, which was going to be called “Powder Is Reality” and released online.
I think this was filmed over a course of 3 days of great snow at @winterparkresort in December 2013.
Jackson had sent the edit to Air Blaster and I recall Jesse Grandkoski telling me through the grapevine that he was hyped on it and to just save the footage and make a full video.  I was so stoked and instantly decided he was right.
We kept filming from this point on and this edit would be the foundation of what would develop in “FOASP.”  This section landed in the middle of the video and literally had no re editing from the first time we made it.  It goes to show what you can create if you hold onto your footage and let it marinate.
Enjoy peeps!

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