Monday, June 24, 2024

The 2022 Goonjam Tour Stop #1: Sugarbush Parks

Goongear set out to bring back in-person events in this post (ahem-mid) Covid season and kicked off their tour at Sugarbush Parks on Jan. 8, 2022. Austin Poulin was there and delivered this enthusiastic report from his iphone nearly three weeks later, because apparently, he’s on tour, too! So stay tuned for the word from Seven Springs, maybe, soon!

The first stop of the Goon Jam Tour at Sugarbush was a very fun and unique event. To kick things off, the whole Goongear squad met in the parking lot, where we were handed fresh Goongear Goonjam stickers by Lucas and Tonya Magoon’s daughter, Winter.
Lucas and his squad had a tent full of Union bindings, Goongear clothes, boards and stickers and free Liquid Death. Vermontlocs was also hooking people up with stickers and slanging new hoodies.

I had a great time hanging with Eastwoodblock, Emily & Justin of Vermontlocs, LJ Hendriquez, Jack O’Keefe, Michael Throckmorton, Michelle Schlanger, Johnny Forest and too many other people to mention. After we all were warmed up and had slapped our new stickers on our boards, we hit the slopes for the Jam! Sugarbush had set up one of the best terrain parks I have ridden on the East Coast, ever! It was a super smooth and skater-esque, with so many unique features spread out around the trail, that it was hard to choose a line.

We’re talking staircases, big tubes, big jumps, skinny kink rails, rainbow boxes and more. The best feature of all was the G-shaped snow mound at the end of the park that Sugarbush Parks made special for the Goongear event! It was so much fun lapping the park, while Lucas and guest judges stood slopeside judging the best tricks throughout the afternoon. Although I didn’t win, I had a great time. It’s always fun shredding with Goongear! — Austin

1-Michelle Schlanger
2- Maggie Leon
3- Abbie Ronca
1- Alex Caccamo
2- Wes Heffernan
3- Derek Conti