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Yobeat’s Year In Review: March 2014


Often referred to as miraculous, the month when it’s still snowing but the casuals are starting to lose interest, March is big in board world. Here’s what happened in 2014, cause we’re sure your forgot.

17-month-old Aspen goes viral, prompting a flurry of edits from other young boarders that lasts well through the summer, but none can quite capture the same magic. With Bonfire shedding its team, Dakine nabs Louif Paradis and Desiree Melancon. And despite rumors, Lucas Magoon is still on Tech Nine. K2 makes Tim Eddy and Matt Belzile pro, whatever that means. Gus Engle joins Celsuis. Some dudes make a brilliant and hilarious High on the Slopes parody and we all have a good laugh.

Rumors start swirling about just how Travis Rice will top his first two movies when his two-year project is announced. IPod hits the streets. It’s finally snowing in the Northwest, so much so that an avalanche takes out a chair at Crystal Mountain. Cooper Whittier is almost as cool as Aspen, but not quite.  People actually go snowboarding in West Virginia. More importantly, Scott Stevens goes to Yawgoo.

Alex Stathis is Dope. Ross Powers is still winning things, such as the Mike Baker Banked Slalom. The East is actually in love with Banked Slaloms now, and Killington holds its first, but Last Call remains all stunts, all the time. People in Burlington are really butt hurt over this article. Cam Pierce rides Brighton.

Kooks are still kooks. Taylor Gold wins the Red Bull double pipe, but even with two of them, it’s still hard to care about pipe contests. Footyfiend comes to America. Shaun White retires on social media (maybe.) And we finish the month in the rain with our own event at Summit at Snoqualime.

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